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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 14, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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jedediah jedediah be -- jed jedediah bila for the post game wrap up. >> i will be at the baltimore comedy factory february 21st to the 23rd and a pod cast we just launched oi tunes. >> mike, what do you have coming up? >> i have nothing coming up, but if you are looking to help out an organization, help out the cia memorial officers
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foundation . you can find it on-line, cia officers memorial fan dation. go there. it is a very important organization. >> awesome. diane, where can our viewers watch you every morning? >> every morning imus in the morning monday through friday 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 5 ooment 45 for fox and friends. >> and bill i pick on you because i love you, you know that, right? >> there is pleasure in pain so i will take it. >> back to you, andy. >> thanks, jedediah. a special thanks to diane maceda, bill schulz, mike baker and dj jazzy jeff. i'm tv's andy levy. why not? and i will see you next time. , 2012. from rome. i'm shepard smith. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> every dollar we invest, we also have to invest in the best ideas. investing in world class care. we will invest in more capabilities. >> bill: so now the president doesn't want to spend tax dollars. he wants to invest them.
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does he think americans are dumb? bob beckel will weigh in on that. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president has laid out tonight. >> bill: oh my god! marco rubio took a sip of water during his address. >> mr. rubio's speech will be remembered in part for the odd reach for the water glass. >> we will tell you about the new watergate scandal. >> so o'reilly obviously misspoke. >> bill: cnn's howard kurtz unrepenalty tent for criticizing me for nothing. mr. cutters will be here to make his case. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight
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are we on the proverbial road to ruin that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. according to polls americans believe government spending and huge debt piling up is a major problem. president obama apparently does not belief that last night in his state of the union address he would not cop to being the biggest spending president in history. no, he now sees himself as an investor. >> every dollar we invest in high quality early childhood education can save more than $7 later on. now if we want to make the best products, we also have to invest in the best ideas. now is not the time to gut these job creating investments and science and innovation. we will keep faith with our veterans. investing in world class care. we will invest in new capabilities. even as we reduce waste and more time spending. we need to make those investments. >> bill: 14 times he mentioned the word invest. mr. obama sounding like a
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morgan stanley broker. now that's obviously a con. massive government spend something out of control, period. here's the proof. 2002, the year after 9/11 when the federal government was forced to dramatically increase spending to protect us, the yearly outlay was just over $2 trillion. it were 2012 yearly outl.a. $3.5 trillion. up 76%. every honest american knows the feds are spending far too much. the country may go into bankruptcy if the restraints are not imposed. left wing idealogues will not, will not admit that. >> it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. we have a budget deficit problem that we have to address. >> bill: so you have to ask the question if we are so rich why are we so broke? the reason is we have a misallocation of money, of capital. too much has gone into fewer and fewer hands and to large corporations. >> bill: sure, it's not the obama administration spending too much.
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it's most those nasty corporations that are causing the debt. again, do the democrats think we are stupid? and they do. and they may be right. never denied wants to create a huge government close us co-loss us is. they reeffected will him without all warnings of fiscal irresponsibility. now the country is invested in mr. obama for another term. let the tax money flow. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. what exactly does the president want to invest in? here is a partial list. manufacturing hubs, science research, green energy. highways and byways, universal preschool for the you are urchins, cyber security and upgrades. got to stop i'm exhausted. here is more. here is a man who doesn't feel the federal debt is a problem bob beckel. i don't want to debate the debt issue i want to ask you
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one specific question. in 50 years the poverty rate really hasn't changed in this country. it's it the same. why haven't we learned from that despite the trillions spent on antipoverty programs? why are we not learning anything? >> what your assumption is the antipoverty programs are meant to lift people out of poverty. what it's meant to do is to keep people from falling into poverty and those in poverty going further into poverty. you know you look at where this welfare money. goes to manufacturing less areas in the inner city no jobs and people on welfare are staying on welfare because they have had no opportunities. >> why don't they run. >> where where are they going to get money to move. >> they can't. >> forced to live in the inner cities. can't go. >> they have no opportunity to go any place else. >> no opportunity. >> that's right. do you know most people live in the inner city travel no more than three miles from their home in their lifetime?
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>> i really that's an interesting statistic. i'm not demeaning it but it's just to me who had no money coming out of college, zero. i i got in my car and barely fill up the tank with gas and went to scranton. i left boston which i loved and i went to scranton to start my career. do you see what i'm talking about here? nobody chained me and i went where i had to go to start. okay. so you believe that president obama's vision of the big government solving all of these problems, all the green energy investment. the preschool for the urchins now study doesn't work. this doesn't matter. put billions of dollars into that maybe it works, doesn't work, it doesn't really matter. this is what i am talking about. you don't seem -- >> -- did you say urchins? >> those are children who wander. >> i know who they're. that's a pejorative word. >> i'm offending the children. >> yes you are. you are offending me while you are offending the children. is there anything that you think obama listed last night
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that you think isn't a bad idea? >> >> bill: let me shock you. i think they are all good ideas. >> we can afford it. >> bill: no we can't. 17 trillion in debt. >> no. >> bill: what do you mean no? 17 trillion in debt. that's not true? >> no it's not a question of not being true. look what happened after 2001 and then we went up to 76%. it was entitlements that went up that far. >> bill: yeah, entitlement. >> he opened up the door for republicans to have negotiations on medicare and social security. >> bill: opened the door? >> yeah. >> bill: opened the door. >> you have got to start. >> bill: he didn't put forth anything he opened the door. that's what the leaders do open the door. >> he said he was willing to negotiate. >> bill: willing? negotiate what? he hasn't put anything forth. >> yes he has he put it forth with boehner. >> bill: like what. >> increasing the age recipients social security. cost of change. putting means test on wealthy americans getting medicare. >> bill: what he wants to do is get the rich off the rolls. >> he wants you off the rolls. >> bill: i don't even want to be on the rolls, beckel. i will take myself off.
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>> good. scranton, pennsylvania taking yourself off the rolls. >> bill: did what i had to do. he didn't help me. obama? all i want obama is do it is fix the long island progressiveway and so i can get to work and he won't do it? >> you are a white guy. >> do you think. >> you got a college degree, a car, gas, you could get to scranton, pennsylvania. >> bill: on a college degree i paid for. >> fine so did i. >> bill: i didn't have any money when i got out. i had to move to scranton to make a living and i did. >> that is a death sentence right there to begin with. >> bill: you just insulted scranton. >> that's the nice thing about the show can i insult whoever i want to including you. >> bill: here is my beef. i don't want the federal government running the economy investing in green energy. let the private sector do that if the private sector invests money in something the government feels is worthy, give them a tax credit. i'm for that but obama wants to run the economy. and that's where all the money is going. and it isn't working. not working. >> the private sector is not
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working. the big private sector is not taking care of the job of getting this economy going again. >> bill: let the government take it over right fidel? >> excuse me? what did you say? >> bill: let the government take it over fidel beckel that sounds really good. >> i will let that go right by for a second except to say shae, i will give you the answer to that okay? >> bill: go. >> the answer is when private investors are not going to do the kind of work that the government lead them to do and hiding money overseas it is time for us he said last night let's redo the tax code. we should redo the tax code. >> bill: what do you mean by that? >> imbalanced towards you. >> bill: redo the tax code. >> means among other things corporations cannot hide their money overseas trillions of dollars. they have to bring them back here. take away all the loopholes that wealthy people have gotten. >> bill: wipe out all the deductions. >> not all the deductions. but for wealthy people like you, sure. >> bill: everyone. home mortgage deduction. >> for you, yeah. not for me. >> bill: i don't think that's going to hurt private
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business? knocking out those deductions you don't think that's going to hurt that. >> no. >> bill: where did you get your economic degree? radio shack? >> no. you went to scranton, what are you talking about? >> i went to harvard, beckel. don't he mess with me, man, have to go from harvard to scranton says something bad to harvard. >> you are crazy as usual. i enjoyed talking to you. >> movie based on your book is on sunday night turns out that my brother is playing in that movie. >> bill: stanton. >> no. seward. beckel's brother is in killing lincoln playing seward. you have to watch it. >> well, i would watch it anyway because it was a great book. one of the few things i agree with you on. >> bill: lincoln did not want to take over the economy by the way. >> yes he did take over the economy of the south, didn't he? >> bill: i'm never going to get through. huge scandal involving senator rubio and water. this is just awful. we will get to the bottom of the glass. and then cnn's howard kurtz criticizing me and beckel's
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fault at this. chris is going to enter
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, as you may know senator marco rubio gave the republican reply to the state of the union address last night. apparently senator rubio caused a big scandal during his speech. >> in the short time that i have been here in washington, nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. what we need san accountable, efficient and effective government. >> >> bill: how could the man do that? could this be the new watergate? >> honestly mr. rubio's speech will be remembered in part for the odd punctuation yalings of the big reach for the what
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glass in the middle of it odd bit of staging. >> did not like the water bottle. most people just suck it up and just go with it and work through it. >> the president did well. >> you say screwing off, you are not referring to. >> not the water. >> about the swig of water being tweeted around the world the former personal aid to governor romney when he ran for president, gator jackson is tweeting i would have had the water bottle closer. >> bill: big story. nbc broke it should have had the water story bottle closer. joining us now from washington kate obenshain republican strategist and kirsten powers fox news analyst. all right, powers. this is so ridiculous. this is really the crux of the story. this is so foolish does it show desperation on the part of the left to highlight this? what does it show. >> i have maintained for a
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while that the media is run by a bunch of 14-year-olds. i'm going to downgrade them to kinder gart necessary. the fact that this is the thing that they think the whole speech was about? i mean, look, it was a staff mistake. the water should have been closer to him. they have shown pictures of the studio. the light was like right on top of him. you know, he took a drink of water. it's really not that big of a deal. >> bill: why are they making it, powers. you know this world. you dine with these people, perhaps vacationed with them in the past. why are they making such a big deal out of it? because they are juvenile. completely juvenile. >> focus on. >> republican. if barack obama did, this they would probably be some -- you know, some proof of how brilliant it is to drink -- sip water in the middle of a speech or how natural or spontaneous. >> yes. >> kate, what do you think? >> i'm not quite as generous as kirsten when it comes to
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the motives of the media. i think they very intentionally are trying to divert attention from what was, i think, a brilliant speech, a brilliant response and a very difficult situation to the president, but they don't want to be talking about any of the substance of it, so they're trying to distract. look, i think marco unionio scares the left just about everybody out there instead of ted cruise. instead of talking about that really intense moment when rubio was able to identify with the american people say, look, i don't live next to millionaires. i live in the same working class neighborhood i grew up in. i just paid off over $100,000 in student loans. a few months ago. that is the last thing that the leftist and the mainstream media want the american people to be talking about so they pick out something stupid like a sip of water. >> bill: i'm going to say a couple of things and i hope people don't think i'm ego centric or narcissist. >> never. >> bill: this goes to the next segment with howard kurtz when i had the debate with bob beckel as you just saw fidel
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beckel we are going to rename him, we are talking about drones vs. waterboarding and hypocrisy on the left as far as their analysis of both. then that got turned around into a thing about me being unfair to nbc news because i didn't mention that they broke the memo story. okay. so that what kate obenshain just said is interesting is that when there is a legitimate point that the left fears, they did he vitter attention. all right? and that's what happened in this case. diverting attention from rubio's speech into his water. now, here is a memo to mark rubio. what you should have done, senator, is just say hey, i need a drink of water. can i just take a sip of water for a moment. excuse me. smile, go down, and take the water. you have got, you know, he has got to learn that that's what you learn. you always tell the folks when there is a tv lenz right in your eye what you are doing and why you are doing it, always. but so what? he is a rooky. he is not an anchor on cnn.
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but i think kate's point that you evacated or didn't think of, kirsten one or the other is legitimate that they want to on if on i have skate word of the day. >> i feel like that's obvious. >> nothing is obvious in this world anymore. >> look, no, i mean it was a good response. i mean, i don't agree with a lot of what he said, frankly it was a good response. >> it was articulate. >> i would say what the left is afraid of him. the left isn't smart enough to be afraid of him. >> they are. >> i don't think so. >> i do. >> they should be but i don't think they're. i think they can marginalize him the way they did and make him go away. >> they're going to try. i disagree. i don't think they are stupid. i think they know that rubio is a threat. christie and jersey probably a threat. maybe kasich in ohio. they dual what they did to romney. do it often and early. make him into an idiot and
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then the media is going to take the lead. the media is the stocking horse out there. they have the media now bought and paid for. 30 seconds and kristen sum up. >> advisor to the president tweeting about him sweating. so it's marginalizing but also i think it's going to go beyond. this is the beginning with rubio. they are going to start trying to actually vilify him like they do with all republicans who dare to disagree with the president. so it's going to get a lot deeper. >> that's the reason he needed the water because he was sweating. >> human being. >> that's it, kristen, is he a human being? that's all you have to tell us? >> i didn't say that. she did. >> i did, is he a human being. >> i'm just saying they marginalize all republicans. they don't have to be a threat. they did it sarah palin. not because they thought she was a threat. >> oh, yes they did. that's when john mccain's numbers spiked when she was announced. >> bill: i would like to thank
1:22 am
kirsten powers in not mentioning me i know she wanted to lowering the maturity age down to 5 years old. i know i'm part of that howard kurtz criticizing me for my drone coverage. he will enter the no spin zone. dennis miller on the state of dennis miller on the state of the union and the pope
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get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but only through presidents' day at sleep train. >> bill: personal story segment tonight. howard kurtz on cnn said i misspoke when criticizing nbc news analysis of the drone situation. >> well, that's kind of curious, given it was an nbc scoop, so o'reilly obviously misspoke and i thought he would just come back the next night and correct the record. bill, the only reason there is a drone debate right now is because nbc news revealed that memo. >> bill: are you kidding me, howard? are you kidding me? come on, man. the double standard of media coverage on waterboarding vs.
1:26 am
drones has been apparent for years. you don't know that? and don't give me any of this owe o'reilly misspoke business. you know exactly what beckel and i were talking about or you should know. >> all right, joining us now from washington is journalists howard kurtz. so what i want to do here, howard, is get inside your thought process. all right? i'm going to ask you a series of very foolish questions so we can walk through this so the audience may not have seen your show or my show and know what we are talking about. first, did you see the original segment i did with beckel the night it aired? first when you chastised me you called me your old pal thank you that was touching. i saw it live. i saw what most people in america saw which is you saying you have heard anything on nbc about the drones? >> bill: all right. so you saw it live. do you remember how it was introd? what was the news peg to get into beckel? it was clear to me you and bob beckel were talking about the
1:27 am
outcry in the media and elsewhere about waterboarding during the bush administration as well as the relative silence you would say about drones. i got that it wasn't set up that way. it was set up in a different way. do you remember how it was set up? >> refresh my memory. >> roll the tape. impact segment tonight will terror advisor john brennan become the evidence the cia. he testifies tomorrow on capitol hill. some liberals do not like him because he is the director of the drone program that kills terrorists from the sky. president obama very bullish on the drones. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. the u.s. government takes great care in deciding to pursue an al qaeda terrorist to ensure precision and to avoid loss of innocent life. >> bill: here now to discuss thinks moral dilemma, over the drone issue, the co-host of the five bob beckel. >> bill: all right, so it was obviously set up as a discussion with a liberal, bob beckel over his condemnation of waterboarding.
1:28 am
but the relative silence over drones. i used nbc news analysis as an example to back that up. so what's your beef? bill, i have already won this round on points because the other day with bernie goldberg you said yes i guess i should have mentioned it. the nbc scoop was the elephant in the room that kick started your debates. larger point about the media being hypocritical here with some exceptions, "newsweek," "new york times" had a big story last year about obama's secret kill list. liberal law professor picking the names forever who is to be targeted by these drones. ill would certainly be willing to say that the mainstream media, much of it, giving president obama the benefit of the doubt on national security issues in a way that was not true with george w. bush. >> one nun i said to goldberg i should have mexicoed it only because it would have avoided all of this nonsense. all right? not because it was done in a journalistic way. we were not talking about
1:29 am
reportage. you just lost points by confusing hard news reporting about drones with the "new york times" editorial page. which hasn't condemned, as far as i know, in any great american, as they did with waterboarding the use of it what we were clearly talking about here, 48 hours after the nbc memo appeared was why the left doesn't condemn killing terrorists with drones, unilaterally killing decision making with one man waterboarding that kills anybody. you know and i know it's hypocritical. yet, you don't engage in that you come after me. it's ridiculous. that was a very mild, carefully chosen critique of your performance. in terms it of what you sees a the relative lack of outcry there was a passionate debate in this country about whether waterboarding is torture led in part by john mccain. easy for the press and commentators on the left to
1:30 am
cover because it was so out there. in the case of drones, wasn't issue in the campaign. mitt romney didn't talk about it i didn't hear it in the debate. the press including the commentators have been too passive in my view like they were in the run up iraq war rather than making it an issue. it should be an issue. you are right to bring that up. >> why haven't you spent the time on it that you should have had. you run a media show. we traced back. very rarely did you cover this? why not? >> i have done segment after segment going back to 2007 and 2008 on whether the media too favorable too sympathetic to barack obama. >> bill: no not about favorable to barack obama it's about one thing. hypocrisy. left screaming about waterboarding. muted about killing with drones because they are in the tank for obama. and you know it and i know it and so does everybody watching. right? >> that might be true. >> bill: might be true, howard? >> hold on. come on, let me finish a sentence here. it probably is true of
1:31 am
commentators marching in solidarity with barack obama. not true for many in the mainstream media who while very soft in the 2008 campaign and i talked about this and wrote about it at the time have been more diligent in covering this president. >> there is a difference between hard news reporting and analysis. my discussion with beckel solely was on analysis. we appreciate you coming on. very lively debate. we are sure you will get a lot of email about it run it on your program on sunday and you will get higher ratings. you are my pal. latest on the cop serial killer in southern california. looks like he got what he deserved burned up in a mountain cabin. dennis miller on the state of the union and the pope resigning. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. authorities believe christopher dorner, fired l.a. cop who murdered four people including two law enforcement officials died inside a mountain cabin yesterday. not confirmed with you most likely. they apparently found some of dorner's stuff around the cabin perimeter. it's like 99% it's there. right? is that what you are hearing? >> yeah. they are just waiting on forensics. it's actually in the custody. the jurisdiction of san bernardino sheriff's office. they will wait for forensics on the remains before they definitively say it's dorner but it's dorner. >> okay. this story was the biggest --
1:36 am
is the biggest story in the south land of california for quite some time. was it reported accurately by the media there were people getting the story they should have gotten? >> probably, bill. in this case it's an enormous crime scene it went from orange county down to the west side of los angeles, attorneys. all the way to the mexican border and all the way up into the mountains. the police were keeping information, a real tight lid on information on this because obviously they were the targets of it and they were trying to protect people's families. this is exceptionally dangerous criminal with police and military background so we understood tactics. as a result a lot of information being sat on. even in the final showdown, they pushed news helicopters back five miles. it wasn't an easy story to cover. even with that there were journalists who were there up in some cases in a matter of just yards away from the actual gun battle. i know there are some journalists in the perimeter just looking around and they
1:37 am
got caught in there just to run down the time line basically what happened yesterday is this guy was in a cabin, two maids came in to clean the cabin. he grabbed them. he tied them up. he got their car. and then he tried to flee. one of the maids apparently got out of the bondage. called 911. gave them the description of the car. they picked the car up, the enforcement did. game and wildlife people. shootout. he got out of the car, rand back to a empty cabin. cops surrounded it, sieged it, went on fire. dorner is dead. there is a report there was one gunshot. i think that's what happened. he shot himself to death then the thing burned. is that what you are hearing? or is there anything else we should know? >> well, essentially there was a second carjacking in there at gunpoint after the first car accident. then, hundreds, if not a thousand rounds fired between the police and dorner from the cabin.
1:38 am
two real large voluntarilies volleys of gunfire. controversy over it whether or not it was tear gas canisters that caused the fire or whether the police dib deliberately set the cabin on fire going back to abraham's lincoln's killer set the barn on fire. >> bill: really eerie, doug, on lincoln's birthday this guy dies, donorrer, almost exactly the same way john wilkes booth died in a wooden structure set afire from a gunshot. booth had to come out and dorner killed himself there is a racial aspect to this story. i hope it goes away quickly. it shouldn't be there and i'm sure you feel the say way, right? i do feel the same way. dorner and manifesto makes allegation that the l.a.p.d. is unchanged since prerodney king days. that's simply factually inaccurate.
1:39 am
there is always. you know, we have this mittology of taking bad guys and turning them into folk heros we did it with gunslingers bonnie and clyde or juice is on the loose. for some people it's timothy mcveigh antigovernment people or ruby ridge. in this case there are people who are just are angry at the cops. nobody ever called the cops because they are having a good day. some people don't like the police, if somebody sticks it to the man, he becomes a folk hero for some. but, this man killed a man's daughter and her fiance and killed splifers. absolutely nothing to do with this days, there is no justification. >> rational people, i know most people in southern california are like that doug, always good to see you. when we come right back, it will be miller time. the d man on the pope quitting. and the state of the union last night. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller segment tonight. joining us now from santa barbara. do you need a little water there, miller? [ laughter ] >> sorry, billy sorry i didn't have audio. congratulations for booking andy warhol before me. how did that go? >> it it wasn't an easy
1:44 am
booking. he is a good guy. >> mcintyre. i thought it was warhol or kathleen sebelius. i couldn't tell. [ laughter ] >> bill: did you watch the state of the union last night, miller? >> no i wanted to watch actual lap dogs so i flipped it over to the westminster kennel show. and then just the vibe obama i went over and watched the documentary on the history channel about emperor anywhere row. i think i got the gist of it any time anyone says the word smart government and biden in a two shot over the shoulder. that risked tearing a seam in the continuum. i could no longer watch. biden's stare was blanker than the check barack obama is watching american people for. then we have got boehner sitting there those two. sitting there they look like they are going to break out into ebony and ivory for god's sake. boehner makes biden looks like a shut in albino.
1:45 am
>> bill: what color is the speaker's face? do you know what color that is? >> i'm not sure. >> billy, that's the color of ernie's hair. >> ernie is a local newscaster in new york. i don't know if many people feel that way. do you think it's a tanning sla salon? what is this every time that guy talks about being intelligent lucky thongs on a tanning bed telling me to be reasonable. come on, wake um. >> you are not buying that -- the government isn't really spending our money, miller. it's investing it. you think he is honest man. is he deb gone narrow. he served his purpose.
1:46 am
don't get into to aaggressive. gun control. turn it into dust up. immigration he was smart to keep that at arm's length. he knows the long knives are going to be put into rubio by friendly fire. they are going to go after him on that side of it. obama knows what he is doing. i just don't trust a word that he says. >> bill: all right. now the pope resigning, we learned today that he has a heart condition. he is 85 years old. and, you know, stepping aside so a younger pontiff come in. and you say. >> i prefer him in the fence hole digger cap than the yam usually you get balcony and adoring throng together i'm not happy about it i think he has done a pretty good job. next pope will be hillary. when they announce the new pope, that wisp of smoke comes out of the vatican. who better to blow smoke than
1:47 am
the clintons. >> bill: she is not catholic. >> it's a hip church these days. i'm just hoping the next pope isn't muslim the world has gotten so politically correct. >> bill: i have to correct you in your theory. hillary can't be a priest. you have to be a priest, then a bishop then a cardinal and then a pope. she can't be any of those and she is not catholic. >> billy, half the democrats of this country think hillary is jesus christ, all right? so forget the priest hood. >> so you think that hillary is just going to kind of be a write-in ballot? >> yeah. i think she could change water into winey like that. you were born catholic, right? >> yeah. >> bill: you were baptized catholic, right? >> i got a life saving thing during my baptism so it was a dual purpose. >> baptized a catholic you are a catholic. you can't escape. like being born jewish you are jewish. you cannot practice and, you
1:48 am
know, you don't have to profess your faith. but that's it. millerrens it's on your rest nay. you are invested in this at all? he seems like second grade. catholics showed me a slide show. a little girl wanting to get communion and had to get grown up teeth and knocked the teeth out with ball mean hammer. even in second grade i said this looks crazy to me. >> bill: i'm sure you were a particular favorite of the nuns as were i. they love us. d man and i. >> we didn't talk about north korea. >> bill: next time. we're holding it back. we're holding north korea back. next wednesday. >> all right. >> bill: d man and i would like to you know all tickets are going fast for all the bolder fresher shows. if you want to see us, you have got it move it march 1st. d.c. denver at the theater june it
1:49 am
21st, almost sold out. kansas city the next day june 22nd at the midland theater. check them all out on bill o' the shows are a blast. did you see that on deck, pythons deadly spiders running wild. juliet huddy moments away.
1:50 am
1:51 am
1:52 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? and we begin with a report from abc yesterday on president obama promising justice for the families who lost loved ones in the fort hood massacre. apparently some of those people believe the president has betrayed them. >> state of the union three years ago, president obama arranged a hero's welcome for fort hood police sergeant kimberly bunly. she now says she feels used.
1:53 am
>> betrayal would be a good word. >> she has since been laid offices the president broke the promise he made that the fort hood shooting victims would be well taken care of. >> not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of. in fact, they have been neglected very badly. >> so the president's promise was not fulfilled? >> no. >> bill: here now to explain further juliet huddy. tell me about this former police officer. who is she and what happened to her? >> her name is kimberly munley. she was there during this fort hood shooting. her partner is actually the one who killed nidal hasan. >> bill: didn't kill him because is he still alive. >> rather shot him. excuse me. >> bill: they stopped hasan from killing other people. >> stopped the blood bath and more killing. she feels, as she said. that the country and the president military has betrayed her and the victims and the victim's families. >> bill: so she was working on the base, fort hood, right?
1:54 am
>> yeah. >> bill: now she is laid off from her job. >> she is laid off. this was considered -- this is considered work place violence is how he will be tried. not combat. wasn't injured in combat. >> bill: she is not a member of the armed forces. she was civilian police officer on the base correct it comes down to issues of money and military issues of awards. purple hearts if you are injured during combat. they are not getting these things. they feel like they are not being treated. >> bill: i can't believe they laid her off. if she was a hero in this whole thing, why would they lay her off? >> who knows? who knows? >> bill: i mean i think she has got a legitimate beef. >> a lot of people who have a beef. this is part of a big. >> bill: i'm going to look into that further. brazil. have you been to brazil? >> i have not nor will i ever go to brazil after this. >> bill: lovely country. they have a lot of spiders in brazil. they speak portuguese the spiders. >> south florida in the
1:55 am
evergrades they have pythons. >> what do they speak? >> roll the tape. [speaking foreign language] >> did you ever think when you were younger you would be hunting pythons in south florida. >> if they would have told me that 10, 15 years ago you are going to be road cruising this road for burmese pythons i would have been you are crazy. there is no way. >> bill: take the flying spiders. spiders descending on people. >> no. just sort of hanging out. >> they have created this giant little pod. this is very natural according to wildlife experts. they do this type of thing. typically it's not in neighborhoods. i can't even stand watching. this guy a who came down and visited his friends in brazil and this the is neighborhoods. >> bill: they are all over the place. are they poisonous spiders. >> no. if they drop on you they may hurt you according to the wildlife people they are robust. >> bill: i thought it was spider mardi gras in rio de
1:56 am
janeiro. they look like he they're dancing. >> not throwing any beads though. >> some idiots pythons they bread and killing all the wildlife. they had a big python kill dill deal. >> they weren't supposed to kill them. people going out and basically they were trying to gather all these pythons. >> bill: gather? water conservation areas. not so much running around in the cities hunting pythons. >> how many did they get? >> 50 of them. they found a bunch of skins so -- thrilled. >> good for florida tourism. >> they are getting them at least. >> bill: come on down. >> look, they are getting them. >> bill: we have the pythons under control. could be a new slogan for the sunshine state. juliet huddy everybody doesn't like spiders. factor tip of the day "killing lincoln" movie. tip 60 seconds away.
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> time for tip of the day. take a look at this. a giant billboard in new york times square trumpeting the arrival of "killing lincoln" the movie. 8 eastern time as beckel told you on the national geographic channel. and a special showing of "killing lincoln. billy campbell, geraldine hughes. i think you'll like it, a good movie on sunday. and finally tonight. shocked to me-- the left has been hypocritical on the drones versus waterboarding. hill is usually a straight shooter. you may not agree with him. and from illinois, o'reilly, excellent argument you effectively exposed the hypocrisy. and that's why i was attacked. when you win the big, zealots on both sides try it to hurt you personally. they do. bill, both you and bernie
1:59 am
erroneous stated that conservatives generally support president obama's drone attack. not one conservative i know does. >> well
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